GPL Coffee Machine

Original price was: $6,000.00.Current price is: $3,300.00.

GPL 630 and 638 Coffee Vending Machine has a small foot print but high capacity for medium to large locations.


Crane GPL Coffee Machine sells two different portions of coffee in one 12oz cup.  Serves all your favorite coffees,  cappuccino, and specialty coffees.  Crane GPL Coffee machine is simple in design and works well.  .  Vendors purchase this machine because it is not as fancy as the National 673 coffee but works well. and comes with a small footprint.  Great machine for medium to large locations. . It has a very progressive styling and by the time we get through rebuilding it will look and work like a new Coffee Vending Machine.  Over 30 man-hours of labor go into each of these machines.  Each machine also goes through our rigorous testing to make sure it is right before it ships.  We are the best in the business when it comes to remanufacturing

  • Single-cup dual volume capability.
  • Reliable electronics with Multi-pricing/MDB/DEX/Time of the day “free vend”.
  • Fresh brew coffee with chocolate, coffee, latte, optional cappuccino, espresso, and gourmet coffee capabilities.
  • Adjustable cup capability 7-12 oz. with dual volume capability.
  • Comes with a remanufactured changer and bill validator.
  • Optional New changer and bill validator can be installed with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • An optional new credit card reader can be installed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Programmable dual-volume, single-cup selections, or single-volume, single-cup selections.
  • The Cup turret tilts forward loading quickly and easily.
  • Product canisters are easy to reach and slide out for cleaning. Flip-up lids make filling easy.
  • Individual mixing bowls to insure true taste without cross-flavoring. Bowls are rinsed at the touch of a button.
  • The hot water tank and valve assembly are easily serviced.
  • Everpure water filter standard.
  • Can handle Dollar Bill Validator, Coin Mechanism, and Debit Card Reader simultaneously.

Reliable Electronics

  • Electronic multiple pricing.
  • Data was collected for the unit (vend, free-vend, test vend) and dollar (vend, free vend).
  • Time-Of-Day-Mode permits four free vends each day.
  • Electronic Temperature Control.
  • Electronic ingredient timing and water volume control.
  • Self-diagnostics displayed in plain English.


  •  Eight Hot Drink Selections:
  •  Fresh Brew Regular Coffee (FB5)
  •  Freeze Dried Regular Coffee (FD4)
  •  Freeze Dried Decaf Coffee.
  •  Freeze Dried Tea
  •  Cafe Latte
  •  Hot Chocolate
  •  Espresso (option FB5, standard FD4)
  •  Cappuccino (option FB5, standard FD4)
  •  Gourmet Coffee or Soup


  • Dimensions: 72″ H x 32″ W x 28.5″ D
  • Operation: electric 115v; 60hz
  • 12 amperes
  • UL listed
  • NAMA approved
  • The shipping weight is 600 lbs
  • Price $2,595.00
  • Warranty 90 days parts.  Shipping is not included.
  • Telephone technical support is available Monday – Friday 10 AM – 4 pm EST
  • Every machine goes through our rigorous refurbishing guidelines (see refurbishing procedures)
  • Remanufactured by: A&M Equipment Sales


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