FastCorp Evolution Ice Cream Machine for sale

Original price was: $4,400.00.Current price is: $2,500.00.

Quick and easy loading bin system accommodates FIFO inventory (first-in/ first-out). Long-life commercial grade freezer compressor. Freezer thermostat independent of machine computer board.


Fastcorp Evolution Ice Cream Machine

Fastcorp Evolution Ice Cream Machine is a beauty to behold.  FastCorp Evolution Ice Cream Machine has a quick/easy-loading bin system that accommodates FIFO- First In First Out. The Used FastCorp Evolution vending machine comes with a long-life commercial-grade freezer compressor. The Freezer thermostat present in the machine is independent of the machine computer. The  Fastcorp Evolution Ice Cream Machine is a High capacity machine with an avg. Of 300 SKUs frozen food or 450 SKUs.    We never let a vending machine go out the door until it works and looks brand new. With the number of years we have been in the business we know what the machine needs to work problem-free.  We not only sell you the machine but take care of you after the sale.

    • Durable heavy steel construction
    • Vends frozen food, ice cream, and a variety of other products
    • Selection capabilities (12, 16 & 20) Over-sized product delivery chute – handles very large
      package sizes
    • Custom branding capabilities
    •  High-impact merchandising and aesthetics
  • Fastcorp Evolution Ice Cream Machine  LED lighting options
  • VMC Computer
  •  Menu-driven programming
  •  Guaranteed product delivery
  •  DEX audit function
  • MDB compliant
  • Comes with rebuilt MEI changer and bill validator
  • An optional New changer and bill validator with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty can be installed
  •  Card reader & cashless system compatible
  • An optional new credit card reader can be installed with one year manufacturer’s warranty
  •  Remote monitoring capabilities
  •  Programmable soft-drop & multi-vend options
  •  Guaranteed product delivery
  •  Flash memory card port (software upgrades & save
    programming data)
  • Fastcorp Evolution Ice Cream Machine is Outdoor capable
  • Robotics
  •  Best-in-class vending versatility – vends all shapes and
  •  Robotic simplicity allows for a minimal number of parts and
  •  No moving parts in the freezer- increases reliability
  •  Modular SCARA robot design
  •  Vends up to 2 lbs in stock configuration, 4 lbs with special
    picker tip
  •  Novel robotic entertainment captures impulse sales
  •  Simple programming- position the robot manually and save
  •  LED lighting options
  •  Theatre effect- novel robotic entertainment through the window
  •  Hi-tech robotic vacuum delivery system
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency -save hundreds in energy
    costs vs. other refrigerated & frozen machines
  •  Proven and reliable internal chest freezer design
  •  Minimal maintenance required – easy cleaning
  •  Power loss holding time – 12+ hours
  •  Minimal temperature loss during loading
  •  No, defrost cycles that could damage the frozen product
  •  Maintains constant -10deg F to -20deg F
  •  Maintains product integrity & exponentially increases shelf life
  • Comes with a 90-day parts warranty.  Shipping is not included.
  • Call A&M for a shipping quote
  • Telephone tech support is available Monday – Friday 10 am-4 pm EST


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