Dixie Narco 368 Drink Machine

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,200.00.

We go that extra mile making sure our refurbished machines look and act like new! This is another work horse like the Vendo 720. It just vends soda cans and works really well. Small to medium locations.


Dixie Narco 368 Drink Machine

The Dixie Narco 368 drink machine works great and so does the  Vendo  720.  It vends different varieties of 12oz soda cans and is a perfect, economical and intelligent solution to the summers. When it comes to used machines, our refurbishing policies are the best. We never let a vending machine go through our factory without it looking and working like a new machine.   After years of being in this business, we know what to replace on a machine and what to keep. You can purchase the used Dixie Narco 368 Drink Machine or any used vending machines with confidence because at A&M our refurbishing policies are very clear. Your used soda vending machine goes through a thorough refurbished process that produces a quality like a new vending machine. Every used vending machine is backed by a 90 Day Parts Warranty and Free Phone Tech support from A&M. Call today to order or for more information.  Remember we have been in Vending since 1964 and have remanufactured machines for some of the larger bottlers such as  Pepsi, Gatorade, Nestle Waters, and Nestle Quick. Quality is what we look for every day.   The Dixie Narco 368 Drink machine vends 8 selections of 12 oz canned drinks and it does it very well.

  • Vends 8 selections of 12 oz canned drinks.
  • 72″h x 37″w x 33″d.
  • Shipping weight approx: 744 lbs.
  • Capacity 360 cans.
  • Comes with rebuilt changer and bill validator.
  • A new MEI Conlux changer and bill validator can also be installed for an additional $410.00
  • A New Credit Card reader can also be installed for $299.00.
  • New Lexan waterfall sign, paint, new lock and keys, your choice of flavor strips.  We set prices and make sure every part of the outside of the machine has a new-looking appearance.
  • Every machine goes through our rigorous refurbishing guidelines (see refurbishing procedures).
  • Warranty: 90 days parts.  Shipping is not included.   These machines are readily available through A&M.
  • Telephone tech support available Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm EST.
  • Remanufactured by: A&M Equipment Sales since 1964.


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