Automatic Products 113 Snack Machine – Silver Star

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Considered by most vendors as the best snack vending machine ever built. The Automatic Products 113 is perfect for both the start up vendor and seasoned vending professionals. Able to handle the volume and physical demands of medium to large size accounts.


Automatic Products 113 Snack Machine Silver Star for sale

Automatic Products 113 snack machine silver star Vend tested to ensure complete functionality. The entire cabinet, shelves, and delivery bin of the Automatic Products 113 are made from heavy gauge allowing the Automatic Products 113  Silver Star to hold up to the roughest of vending locations. This is the perfect vending machine for any small business or business owner. Revolutionize the way you vend with the Snack 5W Vending Machine. This machine features the largest merchandising window, the highest capacity and selections; with a capacity of 640 snack items with six standard trays and 640 snack items with you will be able to provide your customers with a variety of options to fit their needs. You and your customers will be left satisfied, as you can generate maximum revenue. Do not forget to check out the optional features, such ucb upgrade, which provides more options to your customers.

Automatic Products 113 Snack Machines Silver Star for sale

    • 40 Total Product Selections With 6 Product Shelves.
    • 20 Chip / Pastry Selections.
    • 20 Candy / Cracker Selections.
    • Automatic Products 113 snack5 Selections of Gum and Mint.
    • Capacity: 610 Items.
    • Dimensions: 72″H x 39″W x 35″D
    • Weight: 690lbs. Approx.
    • Rebuilt Dollar Bill Acceptor.
    • Rebuilt Coin Acceptor.
    • Lock Set.
    • Price Labels
    • Instruction Manual
    • Digital Display
    • Multi Price Capable
    • Led Lights
    • New Trim And PolyCarbonate Vandal Resistant Panels On Front Door
    • Warranty: 90-Day Parts. Does Not Include Shipping

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