Vendo 721 Drink Machine


The Vendo 721 Drink Machine is one of the workhorses of the Vending industry and is purchased by major bottlers. It vends a variety of 10 selections of cans and bottles and works flawlessly in medium and large locations.

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endo 721 drink machine is a must-buy for those who take their business seriously. It vends a variety of 10 selections of cans and bottles and works flawlessly in medium and large locations. Vendo 721 soda vending machine even has an inbuilt anti-theft mechanism installed within that keeps a strict check on every mischievous and overdaring trespasser. Since Vendo 721 drink machine is so easy to open, use and lock, it is a big favorite among bottlers. In case a piece of this solid Vendo 721 drink machine goes awry at some point of time in the future, you can always contact us, and we will readily help you support it. Just like Vendo 621 soda machine, the Vendo 721 drink machine can also be placed in outdoor settings.

  • (72″h x 39.5″w x 31″d)
  • Shipping weight approx. 760 lbs.
  • Capacity Cans 680  Capacity Bottles 300
  • 10 Columns or selections
  • cans per column 68  Bottles per column 30
  • Comes with an anti-theft Lexan waterfall sign.
  • Offers fast setup – converting columns from bottles to cans has never been easier.
  • No shims, no spacers, no gauge bars, no gauge bar clips, and no cams to adjust.
  • Vend mechanism has built-in anti-theft features.
  • Reinforced top hinge plate with a deadbolt for increased security.
  • Epoxy-coated vend chute for smooth product delivery.
  • Comes with a new changer and bill validator with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional: New credit card reader with one-year manufacturers warranty
  • Energy star rated Outdoor approved.
  • ADA compliant.
  • You need no parts to change this machine from 12oz cans to 16oz, 20oz, or 24oz bottles.
  • 10 Selections – 10 Columns multi-price.
  • Easy Locking – Close the Door and it’s locked.
  • Pricing is from $0.05 – $99.95.
  • Vend mechanisms are self-priming.
  • 68 cans per selection – 30 – 16oz, 20oz, or 24oz bottles per selection.
  • BEST PARTS WARRANTY     Parts warranty: 6 years refrigeration unit, 5 years electronic controller, LEDs, and vend motors, 2 years on new changer and validator.  The cost of shipping is not included.
  • Capacities 680 – 12oz. cans, 300 – 20oz. bottles.
  • We are the factory distributor for this machine
  • Parts are readily available.


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