Pump-It-Up LX 55″ 20th Anniversary Dance Arcade for sale


Brand New 55″ Model

Condition: New
Dimensions: 70″ W x 97″ D x 85″ H
Weight: 1450 lbs


Pump-It-Up LX 55″ 20th Anniversary Dance Arcade for sale

World’s No.1 Dance Simulation Game! New brilliant light show upgrades any location! Unleash the wall of sound with 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers that blast the jams. HD graphics POP on a mesmerizing, huge 55” screen. Build revenue & player loyalty with A.M. PASS card(PIU login). Total of 500 Songs, including 100 new songs- the largest volume of PIU series ever! Online matching system lets you see other players world-wide that you share skills with. All High-Definition Quality Graphics

Upgrades and More!

  • Extensive Music Library
  • FREE Updates Every 2 Months!
  • Updates Include 100+ Songs
  • K-POP, J Music, World Music, PIU Original Music, and Collaboration with Other Music Games
  • World’s NO.1 Dance Simulation Game for 20 years
  • Linked with PIU M & PIU H5
  • Online Matching System
  • Match up Game Play with Players Worldwide
  • Enhanced User Interface and Convenience
  • Renewal for the Level of Song Difficulty
  • More than 100 Reward Titles

The Pinball Company only offers curbside delivery for Pump-It Up Dance Arcade. Inside delivery is not available for Pump-It Up Dance Arcade.


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