Crane National Freeze Dried Coffee Machine


The Crane National Freeze Dried Coffee Machine has fewer moving parts making it a more reliable machine than most fresh brew coffee machines. It vends the same coffee selections as the other models. For all medium Locations.


Crane Freeze Dried Coffee Machine

Coffee is one of the most valuable traded commodities in the world, second only to oil. A nice cup of coffee, made from a Coffee Vending Machine,  is the perfect way to start in the morning or it can keep you company during the day. More importantly, coffee is a core part of the workday. But what is coffee without a gret coffee machine making great coffee?

At work, the good old coffee pot is not enough to satisfy the different cravings of your employees and customers anymore. People want espresso, latte, cappuccino, and hot chocolate, and some even demand soup out of their office coffee machines.

Recent studies revealed that employees think that high-quality coffee offered by employers is a vital workplace perk, proving that the company cares about its workers. So it is time to deal with the fact that having a coffee machine in your workplace is a necessity, even more so than pens and paper nowadays.


The Crane freeze-dried coffee machine vends 10 different selections of coffee  This consists of coffee, decaf, hot chocolate, espresso, cafe late, cafe mocha,  tea, soup, french vanilla, and caramel latte.  This machine can vend two different size cups usually an 8oz and 120z cup.



  • This machine is Credit Card Capable and we give free installation on any  credit card reader purchased
  • Programmable dual cup or a single cup.
  • The cup turret tilts forward for quick and easy loading.
  • Crane freeze Dried Coffee Machine Product canisters are easy to reach and slide out for cleaning. Flip-up lids make filling easy.
  • The ever-pure water filter is standard.
  • .
  • Electronic Multiple pricing.
  • The data recall feature permits a collection of a number of vends, free vends, and paid sales.
  • Time-of-day mode permits flexible free vends and up to four inhibit periods per day.
  • Electronic Temperature Control.
  • Fully programmable ingredient timing and water volume control.

Telephone technical support is available Monday – Friday10AM to 4 PM EST

  • Includes new changer and validator. with a two-year parts manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional  New credit card reader with a one-year manufacturers warranty and free installation can be purchased
  • Warranty: Two Years Parts.
  • Shipping extra.


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