AMS Healthy Vend Combo


With the new AMS 39″ Healthy Vend Combo Vending Machine you can offer healthy drinks, snacks, and foods like milk, yogurt, string cheese, juices, water, fruits, sandwiches and just about anything you want to vend. Small, Medium, and Large locations.

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AMS Healthy Vend Combo

With America going green and its people changing their diet habits to stay healthier and happier, we have introduced a very beautiful AMS Healthy Vend Combo machine.  AMS Healthy Vend Combo Vending Machine allows its buyers to check out the healthy eating options visible on the display and choose as they wish.  From healthy drinks to healthy snacks and food items like milk, yogurt, string cheese, juices, water, fruits, and sandwiches, the new AMS  Healthy Vend Combo Vending Machine can offer just about anything you want to sell.  Since it’s called the healthy vending machine, we suggest you do justice to the name by only keeping healthy things on the menu. The best part about the AMS Healthy vend combo vending machine is that from small to medium to larger spaces,  this vending machine could literally be placed in any space available.

  • Americans are changing their outlook on what they eat.  Why not order a Healthy Vend Combo Vending Machine and get on board?
  • We can configure the machine to vend any display of healthy foods you would like.
  • Healthy Vend comes in two widths: 35″ & 39″ and offers AMS patented “SENSIT” guaranteed delivery system.
  • Includes new changer and validator. with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional  New credit card reader with a one-year manufacturers warranty and free installation can be purchased
  • This machine features 5/8 HP refrigeration (3-year warranty) with heated, triple-pane glass. It is compliant with health and safety software regulations.
  • AMS machines come with Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System.

Ever walk by a vending machine and seen someone banging on or rocking it to get their product? Incorrect product loading, coil sizing, or other faults kill sales and drive up costs with “bonus” product dispensing. Guaranteed delivery systems sense if a product has been delivered or return their money if there has been a problem.

  • This machine is NAMA and ETL certified and made in the USA.
  • DIMENSIONS:( 35″ machine – 72″H x 35″W x 35″D)  ( 39″ machine – 72″H x 39″W x 35″D).
  • Shipping weight approximately 810lbs – 850lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Years Parts excluding fluorescent bulbs, glass, and paint finish.  Shipping is not included.
  • Parts are readily available.
  • Telephone technical support is available Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm EST .


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