AMS 35 Bottle Food Combo


AMS 35 Bottle-Food Combo Vending Machine means quick, one-stop meals for workers and travelers. All merchandise is enticingly visible for the customers to see. Great for small to medium to large locations.


AMS 35 Bottle  Food Combo

AMS 35 Bottle Food Combo is for all the lovers of food who can’t eat a sandwich without a sip of their favorite soft drink, The AMS 35’ Bottle Food Combo is a small footprint machine that is capable of dispensing drinks and sandwiches in one machine. Other items can be dispensed from this machine with a quick spiral change including snacks and candy.  All AMS machines.can be configured to dispense most anything and everything.  If you have a smaller breakroom the AMS 35 Bottle Food Combo is the one to purchase.  AMS is backed by A&M’s award-winning parts and service

  • The AMS Vending Machine has a smaller footprint, just 35″  but is manufactured for a medium to a larger location.
  • Has a capacity of at least 154 units.
  • Dimensions  72″H x 35″W x 35″D.
  • Shipping weight 700 lbs.
  • AMS is NAMA and ETL certified and is made in the USA.
  • includes a new changer and validator. with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional  New credit card reader with a one-year manufacturers warranty and free installation can be purchased
  • AMS machines come with Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System.
  • The two lower drink trays can vend cans and bottles from 12oz. – 24oz.
  • As shown, this machine has 24 selections.
  • Interchangeable parts. It has the same cabinet, board sensors, and motors as other AMS indoor vendors.
  • LED lighting standard.
  • We can customize any AMS vending machine to vend any product you wish.
  • Compliant with health and safety software regulations.
  • We are the factory-authorized distributor for this machine.
  • 3 years parts warranty with the exception of fluorescent lights, glass, and paint finish.    Shipping is not included.
  • Telephone technical support is available Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 400pm EST.
  • Please contact us with any questions.


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