Crane 432 Food Machine

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The National 432 cold food vending machine is a workhorse in the cold food vending segment. With 108 selections available and pricing capacity up to $99.95, the National 432 is an exceptional value


Crane 432 Food Machine

Crane 432 Food Machine is the perfect fit for a medium to the large break room.  Crane 432 Food Machine is able to vend plate lunches, salads, sandwiches, and most anything you want to put in it.  It is called a Shoppertron because you push the button and line up whatever you want to purchase in front of the door and then purchase it. Over 28 man-hours go into remanufacturing this machine.  Great for an inside break room.   This machine has all the new electronic updates to accept credit card readers. Most people carry credit cards.  Credit card readers boost your sales by 20% on average.  This is the newest and greatest of the Shopper series of food vending machines.  We never let a vending machine go out the door until it works and looks brand new. With the number of years we have been in the business we know what the machine needs to work problem-free.  We not only sell you the machine but take care of you after the sale.

  •  Each shelf has a 5″ height, allowing full product view Stocking time is also faster with a consistent height.
  •  The exclusive “Prefer Max” function automatically returns the drum to the view with the most product for sale.
  •  Five Zone partitioned drum provides excellent merchandising alternatives.
  • Two-way rotation speeds shopping time … quicker selection, more sales.
  •  The Side-of-drum storage area is refrigerated for extra food and beverage items.
  •  The refrigeration unit can be easily serviced from the front of the machine.
  • The Crane 432 Food Machine health control function is computer-controlled for tamper-proof protection
  • Crane 432 Food Machine Comes with a remanufactured changer and bill validator.
  • Optional new Conlux changer and bill validator can be installed with a two-year warranty for $450.00
  • An optiona USA Credit Card reader can be installed for $299.00
  • 144 Selections
  • 800 lbs
  • 72″ H X 40″ W X  33″D
  • Debit card capability
  • Scrolling message
  • Standard 110V


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