AMS Milk Vending Machine


Respond to the health conscious market with a variety of milk products that can be placed in the AMS MILK VENDING MACHINE. This machine comes in 2 sizes 35″ & 39″ widths. Medium to Large locations.

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AMS Milk Vending Machine

AMS Milk vending machine is a healthy & wise answer to the scorching sun.  From cartons to bottles without spacers or shims, the AMS Milk Vending Machine can easily vend various different sizes of milk containers. Coming with a capacity of AMS 35″ – 240 units, AMS 39″- 288 units, AMS Milk vending machine can hold an eclectic variety of milk products. AMS Milk vending machine comes with a 5/8 HP refrigeration unit with heated triple-pane glass, which makes this milk vending machine more powerful and stable than any other milk vending machine in the market. This vending machine is a must-buy for people who supply milk or milk-based products in large quantities. Not only does the vending machine has the capacity of holding 240 units, the temperature maintained inside it also makes sure that the quality and taste of milk products remain intact. Best suited for medium to large locations!

  • The AMS Milk Vending Machine can vend many different sizes of milk from cartons to bottles with no spacers or shims.
  • First in first out delivery for product rotation.
  • Includes new changer and validator.with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Capacity – AMS 35″ – 240 units,
    AMS 39″- 288 units.
  • Guaranteed delivery of your product or your money back!
  • Optional  New credit card reader with a one-year manufacturers warranty and free installation can be purchased
  • This machine comes with a 5/8 HP refrigeration unit with heated triple-pane glass.
  • AMS machines come with Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System.

Ever walk by a vending machine and see someone banging on or rocking it to get their product? Incorrect product loading, coil sizing, or other faults kill sales and drive up costs with “bonus” product dispensing. Guaranteed delivery systems sense if a product has been delivered or return their money if there has been a problem.

  • shipping weight 850lbs-890lbs.
  • LED lighting standard.
  • NAMA and ETL certified and made in the USA.
  • 3-year parts warranty excluding fluorescent bulbs, glass, and paint finish. Shipping is not included.
  • We are an authorized factory distributor for this machine.
  • Telephone technical telephone support is available  Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm EST
  •  home position included.


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